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Michelle Hubbard is a private criminal defense attorney who provides aggressive, dedicated and compassionate representation to clients accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Attorney Hubbard is a member of high profile criminal defense teams, attorney to celebrity clients, and owner of a Boston-based private criminal defense firm, who has a record of outstanding, results of repeated dismissals in trial courts across Massachusetts. See some of her Case Results Here.

Michelle Hubbard was awarded her Juris Doctor degree with Honors. As a law student, she was the recipient of the Excellence for the Future Award. Attorney Hubbard completed her final year of law school, before graduating from FCSL, as a visiting student in Washington, DC at Georgetown Law.

Before becoming an attorney, Michelle Hubbard earned her Master’s Degree in International Relations with Honors from Syracuse University. Michelle Hubbard also received her Bachelor’s Degree Summa Cum Laude, in International Relations from Syracuse University.

Michelle Hubbard contributed primarily to murder, sexual assault, child abuse, and other criminal cases as a former employee of the Massachusetts Middle District Attorney’s Office. Before this, as a student prosecutor, Attorney Hubbard gained experience in criminal court early in her career. Attorney Hubbard represented entertainers and athletes in television, radio, film, and sports contract negotiations while living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Attorney Hubbard returned to Massachusetts to join criminal defense teams, and to open a private criminal defense firm in Boston.

Michelle Hubbard was an intern for United States Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy and was awarded the Massachusetts State House Leadership Award, the Cohen Award for Academic Excellence and the Gold Presidential Award for Academic Fitness. During graduate school, Attorney Hubbard conducted ethnographic research for refugee centers, volunteered at animal rescue centers, served as a spokesperson for products, ran marathons, painted landscapes, and taught computer courses for new Americans.

She has had over 500 criminal case dismissals. She speaks directly to clients by cell phone anytime they have questions. And she treats clients with respect and compassion they deserve.

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