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Michelle has been my attorney for several years. In my experience the best attorney's are highly intelligent, calculated and compassionate. Michelle is all of the above. If you're looking for an honest, hardworking, diligent and result driven Attorney I highly recommend Michelle Hubbard.

C.W. | Attorney

I've never met a more conscientious, knowledgeable and caring attorney. She helped my son turn his life around and also when my daughter needed an attorney - we got the best possible outcome in both cases. She takes the time to explain everything and even gives you access to her personal cell phone. This is a lawyer who goes above and beyond and has a heart of gold as well.

D.K. | Criminal Defense Attorney

Michelle was amazingly dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the whole process. I was able to get the best possible outcome. I was actually explaining my situation around a group of other lawyers, and when they heard my outcome they were impressed and asking questions about her and wanted to know more. She is a driven, ambitious, courteous, thoughtful person who will take your case personally and do all that she can to achieve a positive outcome. I could not give a higher recommendation of Michelle professionally, or personally.

A.C. | Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dedicated, professional, knowledgable! Can't go wrong if you choose Michelle. Won't find another lawyer that cares more.

Carol F. | OUI Attorney

Very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to contact. My license revocation case was fixed by Michelle within three days and I'm now back on the road with no restrictions in Massachusetts. Highly recommended.

Aron S. | DUI Attorney

Very professional AND personable attorney! Ms Hubbard was very helpful in the beginning of my case! I was so nervous, and yes, afraid, but Michelle was always so helpful in explaining the process of my case and what to expect. Michelle was able to find things that just didn't add up also. To me she is just the ultimate professional, and yet she is also very caring, which I find very refreshing in an attorney.

Lawrence | Criminal Defense Attorney

I've called many lawyers for consultations, and by far, Michelle was the best one. Regarding the case, she was very honest, understanding, and patient with my various questions (as it was my first offense). She helped me understand how the system works, and what the different possible outcomes were. I definitely recommend Michelle for anyone looking for a lawyer who cares, not just one that pinches your wallet!

Anonymous | Criminal Defense Attorney

Michelle takes the time to understand the case, expose the weaknesses of the Plaintiff's claim, thinks of creative measures and is very responsive.

R.J. | Restraining Order/Harrassment Defense

Great outcome! I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone needing legal help.

Ann | Aggravated Assault and Battery Defense

Michelle is an outstanding lawyer that has helped me with 2 totally different criminal cases.

Anonymous | Criminal Defense

Michelle helped me to stay calm and confident! We won easily the cause!

A.C. | Assault and Battery Defense

The case has not been resolved yet, but so far my experience with Michelle is nothing short of excellent.

Deb | Assault and Battery, Drug Defense

Solved a big problem for my family. Michelle is best - gets it done!

Bob | Criminal Defense

Attorney Hubbard has been nothing but an Advocate on my behalf. Well Done. Highly recommended

Brian | Driver's License Suspension Issue

Michelle took time to explain my case and charges, the different potential outcomes of my case and ultimately how professional she handled my case.

Annie | Operating Under the Influence Case

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